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I am beyond excited to have you here...

As members of my blog I want you to have direct insight into the space I’m in that has prompted me to begin this page.

I’m now at a place in my life where instead of trying to know it all… I’m simply content with connecting the dots as I go.

There is a natural order to this life thing. I now fully understand that.

That all things work together for our good & the good of this world... no matter what it may SEEM like.

The deep spiritual awakening I underwent in 2020 catapulted me into a relationship so unexplainable with the most High.

The one & only creator… our God Almighty.

Almost losing my life in 2021 did a number on me but also put me in a place of divine timing with Christ.

Additionally I've learned and am continuously in the process of learning how to set boundaries for my level of empathy in regards to other peoples lives.

People are learning their own lessons on their personal journeys in their own unique timing, which has been specifically crafted for them & it is not my job (unless spiritually prompted) to interfere with Gods work.

The world is just doing what it does.

And I just need to keep doing what I do... which is focusing on bettering myself everyday and putting out the energy of God in me out there in order to receive that energy back.

" The simplicity that is in the answers of the things that we make so complex, from a simple lack of knowledge is laughable. Painful at the same time. But laughable nonetheless.

I now love myself so much, that I can’t even believe I was gifted me. I mean that with the utmost humility and sincerity ✨”

- Zeta Morrison

I feel I have something of substance to offer now.

So it really does mean a lot to me that you're here getting to know me more & even yourself more at a time like this.

I have quite a story in this life... as we all do in our own unique ways.

But there’s quite a few things I bet you didn’t know about me, my journey or my intelligence.

I myself shock myself with my depth at times. If only I would allow myself to be great, right?

I'm sure a lot of you can attest to that sentiment.

People are liberated by the stories of others.

I myself was liberated by someone to begin this.

Why not pass the torch of liberation?

I additionally wanted a safe space for me to privately chat & share unreleased content with the people who…


or are simply curious about me ;)

You know?

Because if you're here and reading this right now then it was destined by God to be… & well that's just LOVELY.

I additionally wanted to be able to get completely candid about how I feel regarding a plethora of topics.

Who wouldn't want to migrate to a space like this???

So yeah! Here we are.

And I absolutely cannot wait to grow here with all of you.

Pretty please do oblige me by leaving all of the authentic commentary your heart desires, as I am obsessed with hearing from you.

Welcome to Zeta...


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so much to learn from you

you are my inspiration Zeta

Thank you so much 🥺❤️


Said it in your DMs but I'll say it again:

You handle yourself with so much grace. Don't doubt yourself. You inspire me (and I'm sure thousands of others) to be their best selves.


Elaine  Ancheta
Elaine Ancheta
Jan 22, 2023

You are everything God intended for you to be plus more what is yours you will never loose and the things you haven't received yet are on their way to you , something told me to remind you of that LOVE AND LIGHT 🕯


Michele Kerr
Michele Kerr
Dec 12, 2022

Hi zeta, congratulations on all the recognition with ZC nation. I enjoy reading this blog today. I do believe long distance relationships can work if both partners are willing to put the work in to make that happen as long there is communication, respect and love . Enjoy your Christmas Holiday with the family.


So informative, love it, had to read it to my daughter and niece..thanks Zeta👏❤️

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