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My babes!!!

This is not your usual usual Monday blog post.

This is just a post to alert you that the Giveaway is now L I V E & the entry rules/deadline have been posted on my IG!

Unfortunately Instagram is not pushing the post out on the algorithms which is leaving most of my ZCNATION family in the dark about the post.

So I had to come here & give you a friendly reminder because it's for you guys only anyway!

I look forward to one of you winning this.

And I hope you all are doing well.

If not just know I am praying for you & I love you!

Entry Deadline is ***December 19, 2022***


Baby Z

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2 kommenttia

I did all of the things on ig hopefully you


Tuntematon jäsen
16. jouluk. 2022

Yes the algorithm on instagram is bad. I didn’t see your last 3 posts! I would start sharing whatever you post on your feed to your instagram story so we won’t miss anything.

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